Madhuraj – Hospital

CSR Activities by Madhuraj Hospital (P) Ltd.

Madhuraj Hospital is one of the few hospital in kanpur with ‘preventive healthcare’ as one of its stated CSR activities. It has also correctly identified healthcare need for poor and children as one of its key interventions. Other projects include providing medical support and surgeries to underprivileged sections and remote areas, campaigns around personal and environmental hygiene, education initiatives in selected villages, and vocational training for livelihood generation. which can be an effective intermediary if used well. Key performance indicators are also mentioned in its CSR policy document. We basically provide preventive healthcare to the community though free camp, social activity, patient education, nutrition therapy etc.

One common theme that emerges after going through the CSR efforts of these large hospitals is that despite some tangible actions and well-placed intentions, few manage to provide a good assessment of the long-term impact and challenges ahead. Even worse, none of them report their sustainability performance, which is quite worrisome since hospitals consume substantial energy resources and choke up plenty of waste, much of it being toxic. Their dependence and impact on the environment is undeniable but we have little idea if any of these super-speciality hospital is working to mitigate these effects. A 2009 WHO paper titled ‘Healthy Hospitals, Healthy Planet, Healthy People’ stated that “hospitals are energy- and resource-intensive enterprises that contribute substantially to climate change while inadvertently contributing to respiratory and other illnesses.” The paper identified seven environmental elements through which hospitals can rectify this: energy efficiency, green building design, alternative energy generation, transportation, food, waste, and water. It is anybody’s guess if our hospitals have bothered to implement any of these logical suggestions.