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Kodasally Dam Project-Karnataka - India
Kodasalli dam is located on the river Kalinadi which is a west flowing river in Uttara Kannada district and is also the second most important river in Karnataka, next to the Sharavathi river from the point of view of hydro-power potential. This 160 Km long river originates in the western ghats at an elevation of over 900 M, initially flows towards east, cuts through the western ghats, flows through rapids westward and joins the Arabian Sea near Karwar. Temperatures at site range from 40° C to 18° C with normally very high humidity.

The gorge at the Kodasalli dam site is well defined and the abutments are steep. The dam is 51 metre high from the deepest bed level and 502 M long at top. It is a straight concrete gravity dam with a 36m long earthen dam on the right bank.

The power house (3x40 MW) is located on .the right bank. The average annual energy available from this project shall be about 511 MU. The reservoir formed behind Kodasalli dam shall have a water spread area of 17.35 Sq. Km. at F.R.L. and a gross storage capacity of 286.49 M cum.
Salient Features
LocationOn River KalinadiGross Catchment area2732 Sq. Km
Free Catchment area1049 Sq. KmAverage annual rainfall in free catchment2653 mm
Annual yield from free catchment2046 M cumDeepest river foundation levelEL 28.00 m
Type of damConcrete dam with earthen dam on right flankTop of dam:
a) Concrete
b) Earthen

EL 79.00 m
EL 79.50 m
Height of dam from deepest foundation level51 mFRLFL 75.50 m
MDDLEL 62.50 mLength of Dam:
a) Spillway
b) Non-Overflow Section
c) Power Dam
d) Earthen
502 m
162 m
235 m
69 m
36 m
Gross Storage at FRL286.49 M cumNet storage178.82 M cum
Water spread area at FRL17.35 Sq. KmNumber & Size of crest gates - Radial type9 Nos. of 15 m X 9 m
Design Flood
(i) Inflow
(ii) Routed

11616 Cumecs
11106 Cumecs
PurposeHydro Power Generation
ClientKarnataka Power Corporation Ltd., 'Shakthi Bhawan' , No. 82, Race Course Road, Bangalore, Karnataka
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